OEDO Hyaluronic Acid Ginseng Refining Eye Cream

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Special purpose cosmetics: No

Shelf life: three years

Specifications: normal specifications

Net content: 15g/ml (g/ml)

Cosmetic efficacy: firming

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 100 cm

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    November 19, 2020
    Delivery is fast, with tracking, Courier. For a long time I wanted to buy this cream, now I will try.
    November 19, 2020
    Very fast delivery. Thank you very much.
    November 18, 2020
    The parcel came in 5 days. the packing is beautiful, I will try to complement the review. I recommend
    November 14, 2020
    Delivery 3 days, to the door. Good seller.
    November 4, 2020
    Thank you so much❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;❤& Middot;
    November 3, 2020
    Excellent seller, good product
    November 2, 2020
    Okay. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    October 31, 2020
    Delivery to Minsk 2 months. The cream is good. Packing is very beautiful. seller recommend. thank you!
    October 27, 2020
    October 23, 2020
    To Peter in four days! Description corresponds. Sleep more and will not be bags) and the cream here will not help, if only a little.
    October 23, 2020
    It came unexpectedly quickly. the packing is excellent. after testing I will write an additional review.
    October 22, 2020
    Delivered to the house quickly. Unpleasant smell does not have. On the effect in the first days it is difficult to note something.
    October 13, 2020
    The cream really liked, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, allergic reactions did not cause (which with my eyes is not uncommon)
    October 11, 2020
    Products for the well-made pockets and fine lines
    October 6, 2020
    Comes with present: free sample cream.
    October 4, 2020
    Fast shipping. Well packed.
    September 30, 2020
    Very fast delivery-12 days to Hmao, by courier! The goods are ordered not the first time. Fully corresponds to the photo. Quality should be especially distinguished anti-pigmentation effect. Allergies, stickiness, salinity does not cause. Light, well absorbed. I recommend to shopping! Thank you store and seller
    September 29, 2020
    I'm happy with the purchase, I like the cream, I was packed in a box, I got everything whole, the seller put the probe as a gift, thank you! no remark
    September 28, 2020
    Thanks to the manufacturer for the cream. I use only it for more than two years. I'll order more. Thanks for the gifts. good sales to you!!!
    September 28, 2020
    I liked it.
    September 25, 2020
    Did not use, packing and kind is normal, you can give!
    September 21, 2020
    I'm happy. no remarkno remark
    September 17, 2020
    I haven’t try it yet , but it was packed perfect and neat, thanks no remark
    September 15, 2020
    Parcel tracked Came on time The box is very slightly pinched Inside everything is perfect I'll try in action then I'll add a review no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    September 13, 2020
    Quick delivery beautiful packaging not sure about the results but will find out
    September 10, 2020
    Excellent, I will order more.
    September 10, 2020
    Thank you and for the gift no remarkno remarkno remark
    September 9, 2020
    Good cream
    September 9, 2020
    Shipping and shipping are super fast. thank you. I haven't had a tasting yet.
    September 6, 2020
    упаковано хорошо.выглядит упаковка супер.внутри написано на английском, здорово.заказала пару вещей этой фирмы,надеюсь на хороший эффект. рекомендую продавца.если увижу эффект буду заказывать ещё. продавец послал подарок,приятно. no remark
    September 4, 2020
    Шикарный крем!!! Быстрая доставка, надежная упаковка, трек отслеживался. Супер дизайн и супер состав. Очень нравится результат, мой фаворит среди кремов! no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    September 1, 2020
    Спасибо большое за кремушек)) Очень быстрая доставка
    August 31, 2020
    покупкой очень довольна
    August 29, 2020
    Упаковано качественно и красиво, добавили пробник крема для лица, попробовала, хоть на ощупь жирный, хорошо впитался. Коробочка очень красивая, можно на подарок. Пришёл быстро. Рекомендую
    August 25, 2020
    хорошее средство
    August 24, 2020
    Товар получен быстро, соответствует описанию. Спасибо. Жаль, немного помялась упаковка, на подарок не пойдет, а для себя это не важно. Но это вина доставки.
    August 22, 2020
    August 21, 2020
    хороший крем
    August 20, 2020
    2 moths for deliver
    August 15, 2020
    Крем для век, который помогает устранить отечность, усталость, мелкие морщинки и подпитать кожу вокруг глаз. Приятный по текстуре, с легким ароматом трав.Упаковка у него эффектная как и сам тюбик, дозатор удобный. Я пользовалась две недели, результат понравился. Его действие лично мне видно, хотелось бы сильнее, не, видимо, я слишком много хочу от него). Результат не долгий, так как это свойство гиалуронки, крем надо постоянно использовать. Доставка в Украину 4 недели. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    August 12, 2020
    I really liked the feeling of smoothness and quick penetration into the skin.
    August 10, 2020
    Не первый раз заказываю от этой фирмы крем и масло для волос мне все очень нравится спасибо и ещё буду заказывать
    August 10, 2020
    August 9, 2020
    Беру в этом магазине достаточно регулярно, не могу сказать что бы прямо вау и лучше люкса, но в целом состав у кремов хороший, аллергии нет. В целом достойный уход за небольшие деньги
    August 8, 2020
    A wonderful tool. Plus, packing and dispenser. Apply in the morning and evening necessarily. The skin around the eyes became much fresher, clearly gone fine wrinkles. I recommend, an excellent cremick. I really liked it. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    August 3, 2020
    Хороший крем для кожи вокруг глаз в шикарной упаковке. Расходуется очень экономно. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    August 2, 2020
    July 29, 2020
    The parcel came quickly... The courier delivered to the house... Neatly packed... The box and the bottle are very cute... About Business qualities until I can not say, I did not use yet... To the seller Thank you!!! no remarkno remarkno remark
    July 27, 2020
    заказ доставлялся очень долго. косметикой этой сери пользуюсь давно и она меня вполне устраивает. продавцу спасибо. товар и продавца рекомендую.
    July 27, 2020
    Special thanks to the seller of .,, he himself tracked the parcel up to the Mail of .,, the cream I order a second time .,8, very liked ,,,, soft, pleasant, I'm happy with everyone, I recommend,
    July 22, 2020
    Got it. I didn't.
    July 20, 2020
    The cardboard box is packed in mica. Inside, an elegant bottle with a means. All the necessary information is on the package in English and Chinese. Convenient pump dispenser, just remove the protective cap and press the dispenser. The product is issued in a small portion, which significantly extends the consumption. Very pleasant nourishing consistency. Serum is moderately liquid. Has a herbal aroma. I really liked the cream, it has effective properties. The Cream moisturizes the skin well, smoothes fine wrinkles, really visually they are not so noticeable. It is easily distributed over the skin and quickly absorbed enough, I put it before bedtime. No unpleasant feelings or allergies caused. I use it with pleasure. Delivery month. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 20, 2020
    Very good deserved is pear as it is a brand that I value much PU is acting very well.. I recommend VENDESOR. Don't despair, QIE arrives.
    July 20, 2020
    The cream really liked. I came in a beautiful box, I plan to order for a gift to my mother. The texture is dense, tender, quickly absorbed. I do not have deep wrinkles yet, but with small ones copes with Hurray. The skin after it is very tender, like a schölk. Used in conjunction with hyaluronic serum with the gold of the same seller for a month. The effect was very pleased, as the husband said, "on the face." The skin is shining! no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 20, 2020
    Очень быстрая доставка,спасибо большое.С вами приятно иметь дело.
    July 16, 2020
    Девченки, крем супер ! Заказала по совету подруги и поняла, что на Али можно покупать качественную косметику без переплаты. У нас подобные средства стоят на порядок дороже. Пользуюсь вторую неделю и могу сказать, что кожа вокруг глаз заметно более увлажненная, подтянутая и гладкая. Мелкие морщины почти незаметны визуально это самый главный показатель качества крема. Выглядит крем достойно, не хуже люкса, сам флакон эргономичный и сбоку видно сколько крема осталось. Это для меня важно, поскольку есть возможность разместить заказ заранее. Запах натурального корня женьшеня просто обалденный ! В общем, девченки , рекомендую . Заказывайте смело ! no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 14, 2020
    After cleansing and apply the required amount of cream to the code around the eyes and gently massage until absorbed. I apply it in the morning and evening. One click is enough to apply to both eyes. I do not even remember how many times. Here without unnecessary words-I recommend the cream. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 14, 2020
    I take the cream for the second time, enough for two months. Consistency is light, the aroma is herbal. Moisturizing good. And the packing is just luxurious. Recommend no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 12, 2020
    One of the best means on Ali, a beautiful eye cream, I highly recommend to try, natural components, delivery time is 3 weeks no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 11, 2020
    Packing this cream just wow. Perfect for a gift. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, there is no stickiness. I like the dispenser, one click just enough for one use. The smell is pleasant, herbs. In the composition of ginseng extract, avocado and hyaluronic acid. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 11, 2020
    На вид ооочень даже красивая упаковка и сам крем. Пришло довольно быстро. Все в целости. Попробую в действии дополню. Я давольна. Спасибо продавцу.
    July 10, 2020
    Delivery from Russia about two weeks. The Cream moisturizes the skin well around the eyes, does not tighten and does not stick. Very happy. The seller put two probes as a gift thank you very much to the seller. The probes are also of good quality. juudu and order them. no remark
    July 9, 2020
    доставка быстрая (две недели в Киев). Упаковано надёжно в коробку. качество отличное. обожаю этот продукт.
    July 9, 2020
    Sensitive skin cream approached, I do not regret that I chose it. If there were less aggressive components in the composition-it could be called ideal! no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 9, 2020
    I join all positive reviews. The cream came in whole-safe, in 10 days. Logo, packing in box/book, stocked in cellophane. Everything is fine. In a Week 3 I will necessarily complement the review, on the result of application. Seller Thank you! Great service! I do not lay out the photo, they are in the reviews, everything corresponds to the seller's description.
    July 8, 2020
    Big beautiful box. Quite suitable for a gift. The cream itself is also good. I liked it. Thank you no remarkno remarkno remark
    July 6, 2020
    I liked the cream will order more! Came the cream in a box of dense cardboard. All the information on the box, timing, composition. Beautiful jar with dispenser-15g. Everything came well packed in box + mailbox. Great responsive seller!!! I boldly recommend this store to you. Delivery to Ukraine about a month✈Track number was tracked. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 6, 2020
    Thank you, like it.
    July 5, 2020
    Packing is of course good! This can be a gift. The cream itself is white, not dense, well absorbed, leaves no traces. There is the aroma of herbs. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin well. He didn't cause an allergy. Delivery month. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 5, 2020
    Cream for the skin around the eyes. Cream with hyaluronic acid extract, thin condensate, gentle, bright, smooth, herbal ginseng extract, serum against swelling, dark circles. Comes in such a wonderful cost-effective packaging can supplement the gift. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 2, 2020
    Thank you, it came very quickly. That's how it works. Good.
    July 2, 2020
    Eye cream with hyaluronic acid and ginseng extract. Arrived in the brand packaging, you can safely take for a gift❤️ ☝️☝️☝️The composition of the cream includes ginseng root extract, which has a deeply moisturizing effect, smoothes the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. With the regular use of the rejuvenating cream, the skin will acquire a restful and healthy look. Method of application: Daily morning and evening apply a small amount of cream with a thin layer on the skin around the eyes. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    July 1, 2020
    Delivery is crackling only 3 days.
    June 30, 2020
    Came a whole, did not try
    June 29, 2020
    I liked the eye cream with ginseng. He moisturized the skin well, lightened the dark circles. The result for me is good) absorbed quite quickly, does not leave greasy and stickiness) the packing of the cream is chic, it can be safely taken for a gift) came not damaged, delivery 3 weeks to Belarus) no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 28, 2020
    I love this brand. The cream is good, I like it. Cares and moisturizes. Try it, you will like it! The combination of price is a good result. no remarkno remarkno remark
    June 27, 2020
    The skin around the eyes needs careful care, so it is so important to choose the right cream. The cream will give silky skin and perfectly moisturizes it. After cleansing and toning the face, you need to apply the cream to the skin around the eyes, soft tapping movements to produce an easy skin massage around the eyes until the cream is completely absorbed. Since our eyes are very fond of cold, the cream I recommend to grab in the refrigerator. You can use it both in the morning and in the evening. The volume of the cream is 15 ml. The cream has a pleasant smell and light consistency. The cream removes bags and dark circles under the eyes, protects against aging. This cream is suitable for both men and women. Delivery to Kazan two weeks. Packed cream is very presentable. The tube itself with a dispenser, is made in golden color, enclosed in a box with the name of the brand. The box also indicates the shelf life of the product. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 27, 2020
    The cream is dense, the packing is beautiful, smells like ginseng or ginger.
    June 26, 2020
    The cream came quickly with tracking. I order for the third time. The cream is enough for half a year, when used in the morning and evening. The effect is excellent. recommend. Thank you very much. no remark
    June 25, 2020
    The cream liked, when applying the effect as from patches-the skin is smoothed, lighter
    June 23, 2020
    I order the second time. I like the cream very much, It moisturizes the skin well.
    June 23, 2020
    Delivered in a few days. Delivery by courier, parcel in soft packing, goods in excellent condition. Thank you!
    June 16, 2020
    Moisturizes very well, bags under the eyes removes a little. Do not wait for miracles. I recommend buying. no remarkno remarkno remark
    June 14, 2020
    The cream really liked. Easy, not fat. After application, freshness is felt. Beautifully packed. You can even for a gift. Delivery was 3 weeks. Everything was well packed and sealed. Although the tube is small, but enough for a long time no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 12, 2020
    Cream for the skin around the eyes. I did. Beautiful packaging from him, you can buy as a gift. The cream itself is pleasant, not thick, distributed well. There are many useful components in the composition. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 12, 2020
    Excellent products, fast shipping.
    June 11, 2020
    The cosmetics of this brand includes ginseng. Ginseng in cosmetics-increases the elasticity of the skin. And also fights with wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. But not all of them fit. The cream can cause allergies if you have it on this component. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply immediately under his eyes, you need to check on your hand. Who does not have allergies, then this cremick is just magical. So, the cream in a beautiful gold package, shelf life up to 2021. The bottle itself is also a beautiful, convenient dispenser. Cream is white, almost odorless. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed. I'm not allergic. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 11, 2020
    The cream is dense consistency, well distributed, quickly absorbed. Has a pronounced smell. Apply to the skin around the eyes after washing. The cream is absorbed very quickly, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes. I will not say about eliminating wrinkles and bags, because I myself do not suffer such a problem. But moisturizes and nourishes very well. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 11, 2020
    We'll try.
    June 9, 2020
    Delivery about 2 weeks. Track number was fully tracked. The packaging is just gorgeous as the cream itself. Cream is white, thick enough, with a pleasant herbal smell. After application, quickly absorbed. The cream not only eliminates the network of wrinkles, but relieves skin fatigue and swelling under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes are noticeably lightening. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    June 2, 2020
    It is convenient to use. Well moisturizes did not cause allergies. The dark circles didn't help me.
    June 2, 2020
    Delivered the courier, very quickly. Thank you.
    June 2, 2020
    I ordered 31.05, the courier brought 2.06 to the house) the seller put a probe as a gift, thank you very much, very nice) the texture is pleasant at the cream, the smell is pleasant, not obsessive) as an engagement, I will add a review about his action) no remarkno remark
    May 31, 2020
    The parcel arrived in the box + puppy, during the transportation did not suffer. The product itself is packed in individual packaging and factory Mica. The composition and method of application are indicated on the packaging, shelf life until 2021. description of the product and instructions for use in English. The cream in a comfortable bottle, volume 15g consistency as in the usual cream, the smell is pleasant, the color is white. On the side of the bottle you can see what amount of cream remains. In the composition of such components: water, sodium, betaine, ginseng root extract, avocado extract. The cream fights swelling and dark circles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, makes it more gentle and smooth. Method of application: in the morning and in the evening, apply a small amount of cream to the cleansed skin with popping movements, the cream is quickly absorbed does not leave a greasy shine. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    May 29, 2020
    Delivery to Novosibirsk month. Transportation was not affected. The cream itself very much liked! The packaging is cute, you can even gift. I'll order another one! Recommend!!!!! no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark
    May 28, 2020
    Cream under the eyes. Light texture goes well without a greasy trace. delivery less than a month. no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

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