Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump


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Product information:

Style: manual

Material: Polypropylene (pp)

Features: ‘1. Small and portable, necessary for work! Fashion streamline design, small and lightweight, the main unit is connected to the three-way extractor, which is easy to assemble and convenient to carry.

2. Precisely imitating the baby’s intermittent sucking action of sucking and releasing, with the ergonomic patented one-ladder and three-way structure, the whole process of sucking is painless and super comfortable; the logo computer automatically controls the breastfeeding rate, and there is no burden during the whole process. .

4. One-piece molding, patented technology. Gentle and orderly, promote lactation, effectively realize gas-liquid separation, without returning milk.

5. High-quality PP material, bisphenol-free, care for the healthy growth of babies


Packing list:

Breast pump*1

1620387259746 Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump
1620387259745 Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump
1620387259742 Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump
1620387259743 Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump
1620387259744 Maternity Supplies Manual Breast Pump

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 60 cm



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