Cleansing Instruments Set For Skin Care


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Starter 1 Pink: 

CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & 


Starter 1 White: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJMRDD00080-White

Starter 2 Pink: CJBJPFMB00659-Pink & CJBJMRDD00080-Pink

Starter 2 White: CJBJPFMB00659-White  & CJBJMRDD00080-White

Starter 3 Pink: CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & CJBJPFMB00659-Pink

Starter 3 White: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJPFMB00659-White

Advanced 1 Pink: CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & CJBJPFMB01274-Pink & CJBJMRDD00080-Pink

Advanced 1 White: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJPFMB01274-Grey & CJBJMRDD00080-White

Advanced 2 Pink: CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & CJBJPFMB00659-Pink & CJBJMRDD00080-Pink

Advanced 2 White: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJPFMB00659-White & CJBJMRDD00080-White

Advanced 3 Pink: CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & CJBJPFMB01274-Pink & CJBJPFMB00659-Pink

Advanced 3 White: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJPFMB01274-Grey & CJBJPFMB00659-White

Deluxe Pink 1: CJBJMRDD00070-Pink & CJBJPFMB01274-Pink & CJBJPFMB00659-Pink & CJBJMRDD00080-Pink

Deluxe White 1: CJBJMRDD00070-Grey & CJBJPFMB01274-Grey & CJBJPFMB00659-White & CJBJMRDD00080-White

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37c4642f 847e 430a bb27 7f1dd6220b36 Cleansing Instruments Set For Skin Care
a60e973a ec85 4211 bb6c 6654347fbf70 Cleansing Instruments Set For Skin Care
b46a582e 7d17 48f9 a18c a13870aba578 Cleansing Instruments Set For Skin Care

Additional information

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 350 cm

Advanced 1 Pink, Advanced 1 White, Advanced 2 Pink, Advanced 2 White, Advanced 3 Pink, Advanced 3 White, Deluxe Pink 1, Deluxe White 1, Starter 1 Pink, Starter 1 White, Starter 2 Pink, Starter 2 White, Starter 3 Pink, Starter 3 White


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